Capturing light in a little black box so you can look at it.

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My photography career began as a bit of an accident in February of 2001 when I started a new job at Great Hobbies, a retail and online mail order company of model hobby supplies.  Part of my duties involved making product photographs for the catalog using the company’s digital camera. Every effort went into learning how to make product photographs of the highest quality, using the tools provided.  The tools?  A Kodak DC260 1.1MP digital camera that would burn through four double “A” batteries so fast that it had to be plugged into the wall. Today’s camera phones would put that device to shame.  Most of the photographs were made in a unit called the LiteStage.

My skill and artistic style, at least beyond product photos of screws and other hobby-related items, started to develop when I borrowed the camera to use outside the office.

In 2006, after wearing out two of the company’s digital camera’s, I invested in equipment for my own professional development in photographic arts, just as a hobby at first. Shortly after, my work was noticed by tourism operators, then soon after that, commercial clients, and the rest of the story wrote itself.

Another photography name I work under is The Picture Guy.  The Picture Guy was a client of mine before it was, well, me. In 2010 an opportunity to become sole proprietor came up.  Today, The Picture Guy provides what many customers consider to be the highest quality sport photographs, with personalization, available in Prince Edward Island.

I still work with that online mail order hobby company, and thank them for the job that ignited the interest in photography over 10 years ago. I’m grateful for the experience, the loan of the camera(s) and the flexibility that allows me to continue working and expand in the business of Photography.

I’m also making videos, sharing photos & videos on social media platforms – as they come and go (haha).


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